Please allow access to your camera!


What the Duce‽

Are you a baby faced youth? A Lady? Lack the natural ability to grow a nose neighbour? Fear not, we're here to help.

Using this clever little web application, you too can look as refined as our victorian ancestors. Simply allow access to your web camera obscura, and your image will be transferred to our digital mirror! Then simply select the face furniture that best suits your face and take say cheese. You can they save the photograph to your personal computer, and upload it to the intertubes. Gadzooks!

How it's Done

The 'MoustacheBooth' is Javascript + HTML5 application which uses facial recognition to give you some nice face furniture

The application makes uses of the two libraries. The first being CCV.js - which is a face detection library, this actually detects the face of the user. The second is face.js which holds the data for what faces look like. With these combined we use the getUserMedia API to access the webcam of the user and draw this onto a blank canvas using HTML5 and Javascript. Once the image has been drawn onto the canvas via the getUserMedia API, we can then use the libraries to detect if there is a face on the canvas image.

Who Made This?

This here web application was put together by the turn of the century engineers at Beef.

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